Who we are

Thumeza is a fintech company that provides data powered financing for the logistics sector. The company is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our story

We’ve been active in the logistics industry for the past 4 years, having started out as a last mile service provider. We transitioned to a freight centric platform connecting small scale transporters to large enterprises with goods to be moved. We’ve experienced the joys of landing a large client and the lows of realizing we can’t afford to service their load. This realization is what led to our eventual transition to providing working capital financing to the logistics industry. Lack of access to credit adversely affects hundreds of thousands of transporters, large and small enterprises who depend on them across the continent.

This means that as a small scale transporter, options for quick access to assistance are extremely limited should you get a post-paid trip, have a breakdown in transit, need to pay for insurance or simply need to service your vehicle and meet other day to day operational needs.

Throughout these transitions one thing has remained the same - our dedication towards working with small scale transporters. This hands on experience has lead our drive to provide empathetic alternative financing solutions powered by data, generated by your day-to-day operations, for what you and your business and need to grow.

Say Hello to the Team

These are the amazing individuals who help to make us the top in our game

Gugulethu Siso

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Co-founded and exited a VC funded startup

Tebogo Manakana

Chief Financial Officer

Qualified Financial Manager and Senior Audit Officer

Stacy Nyathi

Chief Business Developer

Experienced Media and Communications Practitioner

Manasse Ngudia

Chief Technical Officer

Software Engineer | Cloud Native Expert | ML-DL-AIoT Enthusiast


How do we do it?

Thumeza utilizes operational data to create a credit profile for transporters that need financing. With the information in hand, we will then provide the funds through a credit provider or our own private balance sheet.

How long does it take?

From initial contact with a Thumeza representative, to receipt of funds, it can take 3-5 working days, as long as you share the required documents and information.

What are the interest rates?

Interest rates vary depending on several factors ranging from location to your credit score. However, you can rest assured they are favorable.

Why choose Thumeza?

As a company that was previously a logistics aggregator, Thumeza is extremely empathetic of the challenges faced by transporters. We treat each client separately with the attention they deserve to come up with a tailor made solution best suited for their needs.

“Payments usually come after 30 days, so you can imagine that whole gap before payment, partnering with Thumeza has enabled us to take up these late paying jobs with confidence that we have some operational funds in our coffers to take care of our suppliers, we are at a better position than we were in before partnering with Thumeza,” Derrick Mugabi, Ridelink Chief Financial Officer

Are we a registered Credit Provider ?

Thumeza is a registered Credit Provider (National Credit Regulator Registration Number NCRCP16798) under the laws of South Africa.