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Introducing the Thumeza Quarterly Newsletter!

Introducing the Thumeza Quarterly Newsletter!

Hi there, so we have realised that whilst we have been active for the past 4 years in various forms, there are some that are justifiably confused about what we are doing now, how that transition took place and what is next for us.

Thumeza provides a centralised dashboard for transporters to manage their active and pending contracts with large scale enterprises that need financing. We as Thumeza will then provide working capital loans to transporters and traders who have secured contracts with shippers.

With that being said, we’d like to introduce the Thumeza quarterly newsletter to keep you informed about our services, updates, and general industry tit bits, tea as they call it,  for you as someone with an interest in logistics, tech, finance. We’ll start off with a recap of what happened in Q3 2022.

Recent highlights

Q3 2022 has thus far been awesome with us seeing increased engagement with our clients, team and partners. We are most definitely excited for the rest of the year!

The highlights below illustrate the bigger picture:

  • Sign-ups on our platform have increased from January to September by 51%. This has been due to strong logistical activities from the local economies that our clients are active in as well as word of mouth advertisement. We believe with a stronger emphasis on paid advertising, we can get it higher to 80%.
  • We are now servicing Ridelink, a logistics aggregator active in Uganda with a focus on cross-border logistics. Ridelink is a third-party transport and logistics company that aggregates demand for SMEs within Uganda and the East African region. As a result this brings the total of current clients active in 6 countries namely; South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda.
  • Our monthly demand for working capital has grown exponentially and is currently valued at over USD$13.3 Million as of September 2022. The demand has largely been driven by our South African clients’ uptake of our solution. Our expansion into serving clients active in Uganda has also attracted the attention of other logistics operators in the region who need working capital financing. 
  • Our Client retention rate is currently over 95% . This has been due to our strategy to choose to increase the depth of our current client relationships which has seen an incredible loyalty return. We constantly keep in touch via the clients’ preferred medium of
  • communication be it Whatsapp, in person engagements, emails, phone calls etc in order to keep our finger on the pulse on any challenges or wins our clients may be experiencing. This also allows us to grow with our clients and build long relationships with them that are mutually beneficial. 
  • We also employed a more deliberate focus on stakeholder engagement with an effort to keep those who may not necessarily be clients but are a possible client referral avenue aware of our progress. With that in mind, our Business developer, Stacy Nyathi, had a conversation with EU Digilogic about logistics trends in Africa and how Thumeza is solving some of the challenges that logistics operators are facing. This conversation has brought awareness of our activities within the greater african as well as European NGO and DeFI markets. 

Click on link below to listen to the full discussion

Meet the team

[Left to right: Manasse- CTO, Stacy- Business Dev, Gugu- CEO, Tebogo- CFO]

Thumeza has a vibrant youthful team of individuals eager to ensure that our clients, partners and investors are all happy and satisfied with our products and services.

Ultimately, the strides Thumeza makes are aided by you, our clients that choose us and our partners  who support our endeavors by joining forces with us to solve the lack of working capital financing for thousands of transporters that power the movement of goods across Africa!


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